Other Services

Our services don’t stop at home inspections. We perform a variety of ancillary inspections to ensure every aspect of your new property can have a good, detailed description of the condition it is in.

Water Testing

Your home's water should be safe to drink. We'll test for the water's pH, Hardness, and more.

203 K Evaluations

These are completed to determine if the home may be refinanced or needs repairs completed with a 203(k) Loan.

Radon Testing

Radon is a harmful gas that is absent to our senses. We use special equipment to find if radon is present and what needs to be done to mitigate it.

Roof Inspection

We can determine the life expectancy of your roof and damages that may need repair.

Septic Evaluation

Our septic evaluation will determine if your septic system has any cracks or leaks that may need repairs.

Foundation Inspection

We'll examine the foundation to see if your home is leaning, dipping, or cracks that may be threaten the foundation of your home.

Pest Inspection – VA/FHA

If evidence shows that a wood-destroying organism may be present, an inspection will be required for VA/FHA Loans.

MFD Home Engineering Certification

These are to determine that the home is properly tied down on a permanent foundation, that there is drainage around the house, and more.

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