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Other Services

Our services don’t stop at home inspections! We perform a variety of ancillary inspections and services to ensure every aspect of the property can have a detailed description of the current condition.

Specialty Inspections

Septic Evaluation

We conduct an incredibly comprehensive septic evaluation and provide education to the client regarding how the system works, necessary maintenance, and tips to extend the life of the system.

Well Evaluations/Water Testing

We evaluate how the well is functioning and also provide water testing. We test for E. coli, total coliform, nitrates and more

Roof Inspection

We evaluate the condition of and approximate life expectancy of the roof, noting any issues that need to be addressed.

Foundation Inspection

We examine the foundation to check for evidence of leaning, bulging, settling, and cracks that may threaten the structural integrity of the home.

Pest Inspection – VA/FHA

Pest inspections for VA Mortgages are required for most counties in Southeast Michigan. We are certified to provide those for both VA and FHA financing.

MFD Home Engineering Certification

A lender may require an Engineer’s Certification that the manufactured home is properly anchored to its foundation. We can provide that certification.

Click Here To Order MFD Home Engineering Certifications

203 K Evaluations

These are completed to determine if the home may be refinanced or needs repairs completed with a 203(k) Loan.

Ancillary Services

Radon Testing

Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that is undetectable by our senses. We test levels over a 48-hour period to determine if it is present and can offer referrals to mitigate it, if necessary.

Sewer Scopes

We use special cameras to examine the pipe from the home to the city connection in the street, checking for type of pipe, tree root infiltration, blockages, and other damage.

Air Quality/Mold Testing

If organic growth is noted during an inspection, we can do both swab and air samples to determine the type of growth and the levels in the air.

Thermal Imaging

Using specialized equipment, we can check for temperature differences in walls and ceilings which may be indicative of water leaks or poor insulation.

Asbestos Testing

In homes built prior to 1980, asbestos may be a concern in insulation, “popcorn” ceilings, or tile. Our inspectors are trained in obtaining samples which are sent to a lab for analysis.

Lead Paint Testing

In homes built prior to 1978, lead based paint may be present. If this is of concern to you, our inspectors can get a sample and have it analyzed at our lab.

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