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Advice Real Estate Agents Can Give Their Clients

By October 4, 2020No Comments

As a real estate agent, you work hard for your clients. Every step of the home selling process is critical. As a home inspector, we know how important the role of a prelisting home inspection is. We will closely communicate with you in order to prepare your client for the inspection.

Long-Term Benefits

As an agent you have a challenging job guiding sellers. There’s a lot to do, and the tasks can be stressful, so some sellers think about skipping the prelisting home inspection. Some people don’t want to spend the time or money on this step. However, you can explain to your clients that the inspection will identify key repair and maintenance needs.


When a seller schedules an inspection before listing the home, the inspector will carefully look at the plumbing, electrical hvac, structure and roof systems to make sure they are functioning well. If the roof is missing shingles or has weak spots, the seller will have the option to repair it. The inspection will include a look at the foundation as well as an assessment of any termite damage.


Homeowners will do their part in getting ready for a pre-listing inspection. The home should be uncluttered so the inspector can easily move throughout the home. The inspector also needs access to utility rooms and every area of the home. Homeowners should be sure that all lights are working and that the HVAC system has new filters.

Working Together

By working together, home inspectors and agents can help homeowners sell their homes more efficiently and for more money.