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Easily Remove Limescale Overnight

By February 13, 2020No Comments

Limescale buildup on pipes is a great example of easy home maintenance you can take care of in your sleep—really! Limescale is a chalky, hard deposit that is often found inside pipes, especially those for hot water, as well as kettles and water boilers. Sometimes it forms on the outside of older pipes. Chances are you do not like the look of limescale, and you may be concerned about its impact on water flow. Fortunately, limescale removal is one of the simplest “repairs” you can make. All it takes is a sandwich bag, white vinegar and a rubber band or twist ties. Before you go to bed, fill the bag with vinegar, and then place it over the area with limescale, securing it with the rubber band or ties. In the morning, simply wipe away the limescale.