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Faucet Replacement Made Easy

By April 16, 2020No Comments

A new faucet can easily update the look and feel of your kitchen. Similar to the easy home maintenance task of fixing a leaking faucet, replacing the faucet is just as simple. Select a faucet that matches the holes in the countertop, including the sprayer if there is one. Choose a sleek, black single piece or go for finished chrome or antique brass. The options are endless yet update the space beautifully.

Before removing the faucet, you want to turn off the water to the home and allow it to drain. Then, you can remove the old faucet attached to the counter and follow the instructions to replace it with the new modern look. Tighten everything to ensure water only goes where you want it. Your new faucet works beautifully without the issues of the old one.