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Get More from Your Vacuum

By January 23, 2019No Comments

Have you been vacuuming the right way? You can do a few things to improve the results you get from a vacuuming session:

  • Use a True High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. These filters help remove allergens and small particles from your carpets.
  • Clean the vacuum after every use. Be sure to check hoses and attachments once you finish with them and clean your vacuum’s filter after every use.
  • Use a sealed filtration system. This is especially valuable to people with allergies, as a sealed filtration system will keep aggravating particles from leaking back into your home.
  • Use high-quality vacuum bags. If you have a bagless vacuum, make sure you clean the filter regularly and replace it after every three months of weekly vacuuming.

Go slow. Many people try to rush vacuuming and wind up spreading dirt around instead of removing it. Make multiple slow passes over your carpet in different directions for the most thorough cleaning.