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Get the Biggest Benefit From a Home Inspection

By December 21, 2020No Comments

A home inspection tells you much about the house you are considering buying. Inspectors are trained to notice things others might miss. Get the most benefit from a home inspection by paying attention to something many might gloss over.

Study the Roof

The roof of a building determines the condition of everything underneath. Replacing a roof is expensive and takes a lot of time and effort, so an assessment of the roof is a critical part of a home inspection. Make sure the inspector actually goes up onto the roof to check its condition:

  • Look for missing shingles.
  • Check for signs of damage such as curling.
  • Look for leaks or water damage around chimneys or skylights.

A home inspection involves many areas of a structure. The roof, however, is one of the most important. Ensure your new home will cover you well.