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Home Inspection 101: How to Prepare Your Clients

Whether you are working with the seller or the buyer or both, home inspection day can be a bit stressful. Here are some tips you can pass on to prepare your clients for the process.

How Long Will It Take?

The duration of a home inspection depends on the size of the home and its condition but will typically take between an hour and a half and four hours.

What Can I Do to Prepare?

If you are the seller, the home inspector can move quicker and offer a more complete report if they have easy access to things like the attic, crawl space, water heater, HVAC, electrical panel, etc. If the basement or attic are used for storage, make sure there is a clear path for the inspector to reach these areas.

You’ll also want to leave keys to the home and any locked areas like sheds, garage, etc. Make sure the utilities are on. Double check thermostat batteries so the inspector can operate the heating/cooling.

How Much Is It and Who Pays For It?

The cost varies based on location and home size, but you can plan on paying anywhere from $300 – $750 for a professional home inspection. The home buyer typically pays for the inspection.

Do Buyers and/or Sellers Need to Be There?

You don’t have to be there, but many buyers find it helpful to shadow the inspector. Bring a notebook and jot down things you learn during the process. Most inspectors won’t be bothered by this but make sure you check ahead of time. Sellers who are present can also be valuable resources if the inspector has a question or needs help accessing an area.

The Home Has Several Issues. Now what?

Don’t be discouraged by a lengthy report. Be grateful you got your money’s worth and had a thorough inspector. Every home will have issues, even new construction. Look at the list as a great tool of information. Not everything on the list needs to be repaired or addressed right away. Many of the items will be very minor and nothing to worry about.