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How Can You Hang Décor With Plaster Walls?

If you’ve held back from decorating your living room because you’re afraid of causing cracks in the plaster, fear not. There are easy ways to hang beautiful decorative objects without damaging plaster at all. Here’s how to take care of this easy home maintenance task yourself.

How To Use Plaster Wall Anchors and Studs

It’s not a good idea to pick up your hammer and nails when decorating plaster. Instead, you want to grab your drill and maybe some wall anchors. If the place you want to hang a painting is located in front of a wall stud, you can drill a long screw directly into the wood stud. A stud finder can help you locate studs in the room.

You can also use wall anchors for decorative objects that weigh less. Mark the hole where you want to hang a picture. Using a drill, make a hole the same size as your wall anchor. Hammer the anchor gently into the wall. Next, place a screw into the anchor and hang your picture!