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How Do You Restart a Furnace?

You don’t need to worry about calling an expert to restart a furnace. This is an easy home maintenance task that you can handle yourself in a breeze. Here are five steps to fix the problem:

  1. Try flipping the power switch off and on
  2. Check the oil tank and refill if needed
  3. Press the reset button on the furnace
  4. Use the power switch one more time
  5. Bleed any excess air from the furnace’s lines

Start with the first step and continue on towards the last. Usually, steps 1-3 will solve your problem. If you need to get rid of excess air from the furnace, there’s an easy-to-use bleed screw that makes this task easy. Once air stops sputtering, tighten the screw again.

Why Is It Necessary To Restart a Furnace?

Your furnace’s flame may go out if it runs out of oil. Changing the air filter can also make a reset necessary. These are normal conditions, so you have nothing to worry about.