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Install Customizable Garage Storage

By February 2, 2019No Comments

The great thing about customizing your storage is designing the system to fit your needs. Decide what you need to accommodate and design your shelving and storage solutions to meet those needs.

A pegboard is a great sway to display tools in an easy-to-find manner. Hang tools from hooks in the open to avoid losing them in a drawer. Shelves can fit larger items, and containers such as plastic junction boxes act as catchalls for smaller items.

Using a variety of pieces means you’re not locked into one particular brand of shelving unit. Get the parts that fit your needs and put them together to create your perfect solution. Just check before buying to make sure everything works together.

Always use horizontal strips for support. They make it much easier to install hooks and shelf standards. You can cut roughly 12 strips from one sheet of plywood, making it economical and easy.

Design the perfect storage solution for your garage and store everything exactly the way you want to.