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Invite Home Buyers to the Next Home Inspection

Home inspections are a great way for you and your buyer to learn more about a particular home. Because these services are typically paid for by the buyer, they are more than welcome to be present for the next scheduled inspection. Learn how buyers can benefit from discussing the inspection in person with the inspector.

Easy Explanations

Some features of a home are difficult to appreciate with photos and written communication. When buyers take a tour through a home with an inspector, they can better appreciate the value of the home and any issues that an inspector may find. Verbal communication and pointing out the specific issue can save time and confusion during the process.

Thorough Reports

A home inspection should take between one and three hours to complete. Have your buyer walk through the home with the inspector to ensure this timeline is reached. Few homes can be accurately inspected in 30 minutes  or less, so staying for the entire inspection helps your buyer feel confident in their inspection investment.

Answers for Buyers’ Questions

Buyers can have lots of questions about inspection reports. Some questions need to be sent to the seller, while others just need to be clarified with the home inspector. Spend less time communicating with your buyer, the selling agent and the inspector by inviting your buyer to the home inspection. This gives the buyer the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the home as the inspection is happening, rather than waiting until after the report is completed.

Detailed Tour of the Home

A single visit or open house often isn’t enough time for a buyer to get to know a property. Use the inspection as an opportunity to offer another walk-through. You don’t have to be present as the buyer and home inspector tour the home, which saves you time and allows your buyer to fall in love with every detail of their new home. Home inspections may bring up some issues with a property, but they can also be an opportunity for your buyer to find all the things they love about a home.