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Myth Crushed: Certain Homes Aren’t Radon Magnets

By September 8, 2020No Comments

You have probably heard the myth about certain types of homes attracting more radon gas than others, but it simply is not true. Homes with basements or ranch-style homes are just as prone to increased radon levels as buildings without a basement or colonial style constructions. In fact, did you know that radon levels are often dependent upon the way a home is constructed?

Since no two homes are ever erected the same way or have exactly the same materials used to build them, that means the radon levels measured inside your home can be much lower than a home down the street or one across the city. Your state’s geology, the type of soil your lot is made of, and the material used in your home’s foundations are all part of the equation of keeping low radon levels inside your home. The only way you will really know is to have your home tested.