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No More Sifting Through Sandpaper

By April 24, 2019No Comments

Every homeowner will eventually need sandpaper for different odd jobs around the house. Sandpaper comes in a variety of different textures, and most sandpaper has a “grit” rating so you can easily tell exactly how rough it is.

Some sandpaper is great for preparing wooden surfaces for paint or primer, while fine sandpaper will smooth rough edges on most woodworking projects. But, many homeowners, contractors, and others who use sandpaper on a regular basis will tell you how hard it can be to keep track of all the different grit ratings.

A simple accordion-style file folder can easily answer your sandpaper problem. If you have several sandpaper types at your disposal, sort them by grit into a collapsible filing folder and then write the grit rating on each tab. You’ll never again have to waste time checking every sheet’s grit rating, and the accordion folder will help keep each sheet flat and free from creases.