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One Sure Way To Get the Most From a Home Inspection

By November 30, 2020No Comments

In the long list of tasks to complete before closing the deal for a house, the examination is perhaps the most important. While all steps are necessary, the inspection of your home by a trained professional is a valuable source of information. Here is one sure way to get the most from a home inspection.

Being There

Attend the inspection, which generally takes two to four hours. Some inspectors like to work alone for the first half of that time so they can concentrate completely on what they are doing, while others may allow you to walk along with them for the entire process. Be sure to ask ahead of time how your home inspector prefers to work.

For those inspectors who want private time for their work, they will usually welcome you to walk through the house with them at some point and show you any issues they found. They can give you important knowledge about your new home.