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Replacing a Plug and Rewiring Electronics

By January 31, 2019No Comments

Performing a do-it-yourself project to replace a plug or rewire electronics can help save time and money, if you feel comfortable working on these items on your own. But be warned, incorrectly wiring these fixtures can create a dangerous situation where the appliance shocks you, especially if you touch a charged plug or stand on a conductive surface.

When you’re replacing a plug, you want to make sure that you connect the “neutral” and “hot” wires to the correct parts of the plug to prevent potential issues. The easiest way to make sure you do this is to buy a polarized plug, where one prong is bigger than the other.

The larger plug should connect to the neutral wire, which is often the one with ribs or other markings. In turn, the remaining wire should connect to the smaller outlet prong. This connection helps ensure that you can handle the device safely.