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Ridding Your Home of Rodents

By August 14, 2020No Comments

Discovering that you have a rodent problem isn’t the end of the world; it’s actually a part of easy home maintenance. Get vermin under control by doing a thorough walk-through of your home’s interior and exterior. Check for things such as rotted wood and gaps in your siding, which are the perfect little trapdoors for mice to sneak in. Once you’ve found the entrances, cover them with replacement wood and siding, and fill remaining holes with steel wool. Don’t forget about caulking holes in windows, doors and electrical outlets if you notice critters are coming in that way, too. You can always depend on the tried-and-tested method of using snap traps in the meantime if you’ve got a bigger problem or the more humane version, Have-a-Heart traps, for the whiskered pests as well.