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Scoop Pinecones Off Your Yard Easily with a Pooper Scooper

Coniferous trees drop pinecones during the warmer months, and many homeowners find the pinecones littered all over their yards to be a nuisance. They can become stuck in lawnmowers and attract pests such as squirrels and mice. Older individuals or people who struggle with back pain may find it difficult to pick up pinecones to get them out of the way. An easy way to take care of pinecones in your yard is to use a squeeze-action dog poop scooper. These devices allow dog owners to easily clean up after their pets, but they also make handy lawn tools as well.

Dog poop scoopers are light and easy to use. You simply squeeze the handle to open and close the jaws of the scooper. This allows you to easily grab pinecones to toss them into a wastebasket or wheelbarrow for easier disposal. Most pooper-scoopers are relatively inexpensive, so this can be a great, affordable way to take care of annoying pinecones in your yard without hurting your back.