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Short-Term Radon Tests Are Beneficial

By April 19, 2021September 25th, 2021No Comments
Short-Term Radon Tests Are Beneficial

The ineffectiveness of short-term radon tests is one of many pervasive radon myths that is simply untrue. You can have two short-term tests performed with only one test over the 4.0pCi/L recommendation to act. One test showing a higher level of radon means that your home has the gas at least some of the time.

These short-term tests can help you determine if radon is in your home and give you the information to act. Ridding your home of radon helps you stay healthier. Two tests showing below the recommended value does not necessarily mean the home is not affected by the radioactive gas. Continue to monitor the home to ensure your family is not exposed to the element and the health issues that can arise.