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Signs You Need an Attic Insulation Upgrade

By January 18, 2020No Comments

How much attic insulation does your home have? Older homes, in particular, often have less insulation than recommended. Enjoy comfortable year-round temperatures and save on your energy bills by contacting a professional to inspect your attic and add more insulation. Look for these signs of improper insulation levels and contact a professional today.

Drafty Home

When you get a cool breeze in the middle of your home in winter, it’s a sign that your home is improperly insulated. Inefficient insulation causes uneven temperatures from one room to another, which creates a draft. Create a uniform temperature throughout the seasons by upgrading your attic insulation. Insulation helps your home retain hot air in the winter and air-conditioned spaces in the summer.

Temperature Swings

Is your upstairs cold in the winter and hot in the summer? These large temperature swings are not only a sign of inefficient insulation, but it points to your attic as the likely culprit. An uninsulated attic allows all your hot air to escape through your roofline in the winter. In the summer, direct exposure on your roofing material causes it to heat up. A lack of insulation makes it easy for all the excess heat to transfer into your home.

Ice Dams

Finally, ice buildup on your eaves is another common sign of improper insulation in the attic. While icicles hanging from your eaves may add a festive look to your home, it can damage your roofing material and encourage water to pool on your roof and enter into your attic.

Contact a professional today to inspect your attic and add more insulation. Attic insulation can be difficult to add, depending on the electrical wiring or other components in your attic space. A professional will ensure safe installation and proper ventilation throughout your attic. Save on your next utility bill and enjoy a comfortable home all year long with proper and professional insulation installation.