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The Benefits of Adding Insulation to a Home

By March 14, 2020No Comments

Of all the easy home maintenance projects you can take care of yourself, insulating is one of the most beneficial. Almost every area of the house benefits from having high-quality insulation in the walls. Here’s all of the ways this project can help:

  1. Better moisture protection: During winter weather, making sure all areas of the home stay warm can prevent moisture accumulation inside.
  2. Improved energy efficiency: It takes less energy to heat or cool a home that is properly insulated. Let’s face it—there’s nothing better than saving money on your electricity bill!
  3. More precise temperature control: Insulation makes it easy to give each room the climate you want.

Rolls of insulation are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Simply cut pieces to size for the wall studs or ceiling joists and slide them into place. Then, attach them using a staple gun or nails.