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The Best Way to Mark for Wet Saw Use

By February 13, 2019No Comments

Wet saws can be great for performing tile work, because the addition of water helps keep friction from wearing down the blade, allowing you to keep your home improvement project moving. But, they can pose a difficulty when it comes to marking where to cut your lines.

The use of water tends to make pencil and pen lines wash off. Even if the line stays, you may have a hard time seeing it underneath all the muddy water. In either event, you run the risk of cutting the material incorrectly, which can lead to wasted materials or lost time as you try to correct the mistakes.

Instead of wasting time with pens and pencils when using a wet saw, use a crayon to mark out your cutting lines. The wax doesn’t wash off the same way other writing materials do, plus it’s easier to see under muddy water. And if you need a certain color marker to help your line stand out, crayons come in several different shades.