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The Radon Exhaust Location Is Vital

The Radon Exhaust Location Is Vital

You recently had a radon mitigation system installed for your home. Do you know where the exhaust is located? Is your radon mitigation system working properly? Just like with real estate, location is essential in venting radon.

Location, Location, Location

It is best that your mitigation system’s vent is located at least 10 feet above patios, decks and the ground. As for openings like doors and windows, the exhaust should sit at least two feet higher than such openings. Do you have a mechanical intake system on your property, like an evaporative cooler? If so, the vent needs to sit well away so that radon exhausted away from your home doesn’t re-enter.

Talk with a radon mitigation expert about the best location for your exhaust vent. You’ll be glad you did.