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Three Ideas for Summer Organization

Now that summer is here and you have warm days and long evenings to look forward to, why not get a jump start on organizing your home? As the year goes on, it can be easy to put this task aside. However, clearing your home of clutter can also help clear your mind.

Grill Master

Keep your barbecue and grilling tools ready for the next cookout with a barbeque bucket or caddy. Line a buck with fabric pockets or plastic organizers to store everything you need when you grill. Tools, gloves, spices and tongs will be organized and ready whenever you get the BBQ bug.

Out with the Old

Thick socks, flannel sheets and winter coats have no place in the summer heat, so give everything a good washing and put them away for the season. For a fresh smell when you revisit them in a few months, add in a dryer sheet or two, or bunches of cedar to keep pests away.

Lather Up

Insect repellent and sunscreen are summer staples. Keep them on the ready by utilizing resealable plastic bags. Not only can you store them all together in the trunk of your car, but you can also rest assured that leaks won’t be a big mess.

School’s Out for Summer

The most wonderful time of the year for kiddos has arrived, which means you’ve got extra hands around the house. Put them to good use. Organize yourself and your kids with a summer calendar and chore chart. Keep them busy every day with a rotating list of chores. A weekly reward can be a fun incentive for their help.

Write down camps and outings on a calendar so everyone can plan ahead. It helps to color code things based on the child. This way they can help keep track of their activities.

Summer days can fly by, but with a little organization, you won’t miss a thing. Get your home summer-ready with a few of these easy steps.