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Tips for Reluctant Clients

Buying a home is worrying enough, but you know firsthand how stressful it is for first-timer buyers. Likely they are chock full of questions and want to know everything about the whole experience, but strongly recommending that an inspection is done before any money is exchanged can save investors a lot of trouble and heartache down the road. If you’ve got a first-timer who seems a bit frazzled at the idea of spending money on an inspection, it might be wise to discuss potential reasons why it’s a good idea to have it done. Check out some of the best home inspection tips for first-timers if they’re on the fence about spending the additional cash or not.

Nooks, Crannies and Cracks

Even if a house looks gorgeous on the outside, there might be problems hiding beneath the ash-grey floors and shiplap walls than buyers realize. When you’re touring a house that gives your clients stars in their eyes, gently remind them of any issues you see that could benefit from a professional set of eyes. Some warning signs of a foundation or flooring going south might include:

  • Is there any evidence of visible moisture coming through the foundation walls?
  • What kind of condition is the foundation in overall? Are there any cracks or signs of erosion?
  • Is the chimney in good condition?
  • What about pests under the floor? The creak might be a charming quirk, or it could be a symptom of hungry critters below.

Look Beyond the Paint

An interior can be transformed in a matter of hours with a quick paint job. This is a good thing for the sellers but can be dangerous for buyers if there is something to be hidden. Keep a watchful eye for:

  • Water stains
  • Bulges or cracks in the drywall

You already know to keep sellers alert but splurging on a home inspection now can save them so much money later. Remind them that an inspector who knows what to look for will give them great advice and educate them about the biggest purchase of their lives.