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Treat Your Dryer With TLC

By March 23, 2021September 25th, 2021No Comments

Most people take their appliances for granted. For example, the washer and dryer in your home make an otherwise difficult task very simple and efficient. It is rare for anyone to think about this, though, while in the process of doing laundry.

While your machines don’t need your gratitude, they do need you to be diligent about routine maintenance. Clothes dryers, in particular, can become dangerous if neglected. Many people are surprised to learn that neglected dryers are actually the number one cause of home fires in our country!

Thankfully, these fires can be prevented with two simple steps. First, after you dry a load of laundry, always clean your lint screen. Second, check the dryer’s exhaust vent at least twice a year.

It is not onerous to ensure the safety of your dryer. Simple periodic maintenance will make all the difference!