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Trim Your Trees with Ease

Are your clippers too short to reach the branches of your tree? No need to worry. We’ve got a trick to add some height to your reach, making it easier to prune the trees in your yard.

Skip the ladder and extend the clippers with PVC piping. Cut a piece of PVC pipe to attach to each of the handles of your tool. Slip the pipe onto the handles of the loppers to make the handles longer. Be sure to tape it all together to keep the handles in the right spots.

Hit the yard and get to pruning any trees or branches. Remove anything hanging too low or touching your home, especially before snow and inclement weather. Trim any branches hanging over the driveway or your deck, and trim any dead branches so they don’t fall on anyone’s head.

A pruning saw is another tool you can use to trim your trees. Use it in conjunction with your loppers for maximum benefit.