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What You Need To Know About Radon in Drinking Water

Did you know radon can contaminate your drinking water Luckily, this only affects a small number of people, and there are easy ways to treat the problem.

Radon and Ground Water

Radon gas can dissolve and infiltrate well water or water from other underground sources. Drinking this water can cause stomach cancer. The radon gas may also escape into the air during cooking or showering, which could lead to lung cancer and other breathing problems.

Any radon present in surface water enters the air before it reaches your house. So only those who rely on ground water are at risk of radon exposure from drinking water.

What To Do About Radon in Drinking Water

If you have your own private well, you should contact your state’s radon office or laboratory certification office to find out how to get the well tested for radon. Those concerned about high levels of radon in their well water can install an aeration device or a granular-activated carbon filter to remove the radon before it reaches the home.