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Why a Home Inspection Is Critical

By January 4, 2020No Comments

In the urgency to find and move into a new home, some buyers charge through the process quickly. This can be important in a competitive market, as people don’t want other shoppers moving in with a better offer on a desired property. Still, it’s important that buyers check all the essential boxes and don’t skip steps, especially the home inspection. Though this is not always required, it is the right choice.

Buyers Will Miss Points

Unless buyers themselves are certified professional home inspectors, they’re not going to catch everything in a home that the inspection would note. Inspectors carefully evaluate all key aspects of a home: the roof, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical system, basement, flooring, walls and ceiling. The inspection checks for leaks, cracks and the presence of mold, termites and other safety concerns. It will also check on the state of the porch and deck.

It Saves Big Bucks Down the Road

Some people pass on an inspection because of the up-front cost. Paying a professional for an inspection can cost up to $1,000. This may seem steep and not worth it at the time for some buyers. However, considering home repairs can skyrocket into the tens of thousands of dollars, it’s much better to discover repair and replacement needs right away than weeks, months or even years after purchasing the property. New buyers should know what to expect from the beginning.

It Gives the Buyer Peace of Mind

With the inspection results in hand, the potential buyer can go back to the seller and ask them to make the repairs.

Though an inspection takes time and requires a financial commitment, it is always a wise idea for buyers. This important step in the buying process can help the buyer feel more confident about the property.