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5 Myths About Radon You Should Know About if You Own a Home

Radon is a radioactive gas which is imperceptible to humans. Unfortunately, what we don’t see can still hurt us when it comes to radon. There are many myths and misconceptions, and it’s important you know the truth about radon so that you can make informed decisions for yourself and your family’s best interests.

1) Radon May Not Even Be a Real Health Risk

Opposition to research saying that radon is dangerous is in the minority. All the world’s major health organizations agree that exposure to radon increases your risk of developing lung cancer, whether you are a smoker or have other risk-increasing tendencies.

2) You Don’t Have to Worry About Radon if Your Neighbors’ Levels are Low

Levels of radon in the soil can vary greatly over very small distances. Just because other homes in your neighborhood have no issues with radon doesn’t mean you are in the clear, just as neighbors who require mitigation systems don’t guarantee levels in your home are high.

3) It’s Only Important to Test in Newly Purchased Homes

Although a radon test should be included in any home inspection to assess potential risk, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check your levels if you’ve owned your home for a long time. If your home has never been checked for radon before, it’s possible that levels are high and you simply never knew it.

4) I Don’t Have to Worry About Radon Where I Live

High radon levels have been detected in every state in America. No matter where your home is, if you’ve never had it tested there is the potential for elevated and dangerous levels.

5) It’s Hard and Costly to Test for Radon

Radon testing is an easy and affordable process. You can hire a professional to handle the inspection for you or purchase a radon detector and complete the assessment yourself. The value of knowing if your home needs additional safety measures is more than worth the modest cost.

Radon is something you need to take seriously to ensure the health and safety of everyone who lives in your home.