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A Pre-Listing Home Inspection Offers More Control When It Comes to Repairs

By November 19, 2020No Comments

A pre-listing home inspection is not a requirement for sellers, but that does not necessarily mean you should forego this helpful process. Though there are several advantages to a pre-listing inspection, one of the biggest is the ability to control the cost of repairs.

If a buyer reveals a problem during the inspection, the ball is then in his or her court. Not only can the buyer demand that you make the repairs, he or she also has the right to request that the repairs be made by a licensed contractor of his or her choice. This is the case even if the issue is something simple, such as a drywall patch or paint job.

On the other hand, if you identify issues before you list a home, you can hire a contractor within your budget or even DIY the repair. This could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in the long run.