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Get a Lasting Benefit From Your Home Inspection

By November 17, 2020No Comments

Home inspections are integral steps in the process of buying a home. While you can learn a lot from your inspector about your would-be home and its actual structure, inspectors are also rich sources of other beneficial information. Get a long-lasting benefit from your home inspection.

Ask for Expert Contractor Referrals

As a homeowner, part of your responsibility will be maintaining your residence. While inspectors may not themselves be experts in every area of construction, they often have industry contacts that can be invaluable in keeping your house in tip-top shape. Be sure and ask your inspector for referrals to expert contractors in a variety of areas, including plumbing and wiring, and ask about architects or structural engineers who can answer questions about the foundation.

Making the most out of an inspector’s specialized knowledge is an excellent way to get the maximum benefit from your home inspection.