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Create Secret Storage Solutions

By January 7, 2019No Comments

Get creative when it comes to hiding your stuff. Clutter tends to collect in ugly piles around the house. Instead of leaving it where it falls, create storage solutions to hide the mess. If you have valuables, hide them in plain sight with a bit of creativity.

One example is creating or purchasing storage boxes that look like books. Open the top, put your items on the inside and then put the box up on a shelf. Another way to hide clutter is with a drawer that has a false bottom. Put paperwork on top of the fake bottom to make it look like a normal drawer, but use the extra storage space to keep valuables, or your secret stash of chocolates.

Other ideas include putting a pill bottle in your potted plant to hide a key, hide valuables in a hole in your door, or use old condiment containers in the refrigerator where no one will ever look.