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Dustless Drilling and Sanding in Your Workshop

By December 22, 2018No Comments

If you’ve ever used a drum sander with a drill press then you know how useful this setup can be for making curves in wood. But, you probably also know how much of a mess it can make. Many other woodworking tools like saws, jigsaws, and lathes can create quite a mess as well.

Instead of contending with a workshop covered in sawdust, try creating a brace for your vacuum nozzle. Attach the nozzle to one end of the workspace and run the vacuum once you start drilling or sanding. The brace will keep your vacuum attachment in place as you work, sucking up any sawdust your tools create as you go.

Medium-density fiberboard makes a great material for your vacuum nozzle brace. Once you have a hole cut to fit the nozzle, attach the brace to your work surface with a clamp. You can easily move the vacuum and reattach it to most work surfaces for fast cleanup on any woodworking job.