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A Tip for Keeping Track of Custom Mixed Paint Leftovers

By December 24, 2018No Comments

If you love DIY paint projects, you probably have a whole shelf full of half used gallons of custom mixed paints. A simple stir stick trick can make it ultra easy to find the paint you’re looking for when a room needs a touch-up:

  1. Request a copy of the label the mixer puts on the can.
  2. Wrap the label around a wooden paint stir stick.
  3. Let the stir stick dry with the paint still on.
  4. Once dry, drill a hole near the top of the stick.
  5. Write the name of the room where you used the paint on the stir stick.
  6. Hang the stir stick on a nail in your garage.
  7. Place the paint container directly beneath the corresponding stir stick.

When you need paint, you can find the right color on the stir stick, verify the correct name is on the stick, and grab the right paint container.