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Here’s How To Rescue Your Clothes and Fabric From Mold

Uh-oh… is that mold on your favorite shirt? If you live in a damp climate, you might have a hard time keeping mold and mildew out of your clothes and other fabrics, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ruined. Here’s how to get mold out of fabric easily.

Step One: Soak Your Clothes

Start by soaking your belongings in a mold-killing solution. Dilute either one cup of vinegar or one cup of bleach in one gallon of water. (Never mix bleach with vinegar, as this creates a toxic gas.) Soak your clothes or fabrics for at least an hour in the solution.

Step Two: Wash Your Clothes

Machine-wash your clothes in hot water. Add a cup of vinegar, color-safe bleach or borax dissolved in hot water to your washing machine; this will ensure all the mold is killed. You may need to wash your clothes twice to get all the stains out.

Are you tired of dealing with mold and mildew? Call today to take the first step towards a healthy, mold-free home.