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Home Maintenance: Filters, Ducts Vents

By November 30, 2019No Comments

Regular home maintenance can keep your house looking good and performing well. Here are some essential cleaning tasks.

Filters and Ducts

Particles of dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris can get stuck in your HVAC system and cause issues over time. You can improve your system’s performance and the quality of your indoor air by replacing the air filters and cleaning your vents with a vacuum cleaner. You may also hire a professional to clean the air ducts

Dryer Vents

Parts of your dryer can get clogged with lint and dust. It’s important to clean the lint trap before every use. Occasionally, use a vacuum to clean the exhaust hose.

Remember to replace your HVAC system’s air filter in your home maintenance routine. It’s also vital to remove dust, lint, and other debris from your vents, dryer hose, and ducts.