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Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Décor This Year

By November 28, 2019No Comments

If you are short on time but want to decorate your house for the Thanksgiving season, don’t worry. Mother Nature and some simple decor tricks can make your home fall-worthy in no time.

Use Natural Elements

Now that leaves, pinecones and acorns are littering your yard, go outside and snatch some of them up. Use these lovely fall gifts to fill jars, vases and pitchers to act as table centerpieces. You can also bundle things like twigs and dried flowers together with twine, laying them on your mantel as instant decor.

Reimagine Pumpkins

Porch pumpkins are a great way to showcase your creativity. Rather than leave them orange, get your artist’s beret on and start painting them. You can try Burberry plaid or even hot pink for breast cancer awareness.