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Inexpensive Tricks to Burglar-Proof Your Home

By February 28, 2019No Comments

Have trouble remembering the code to your combination lock? Pick your favorite number and add it to each number of the combination. Write the new numbers on a piece of tape and stick it to the bottom of the lock. Anytime you need to remember the combination, subtract your number from the written numbers and you’re in.

Install a SIMLock on your deadbolt to make it pick-proof. It only works with deadbolts that end up in the vertical position, but it’s easy to install and keeps anyone from breaking into your home.

Reinforce the strike plate on your front door. Remove the old plate and add a new, reinforced steel version with three-inch screws. This will strengthen the weak spot on your front door, making it harder for anyone to kick it down.

If you feel worried about the security level of your home, these easy and inexpensive solutions will help you reinforce a few key spots.