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What Does It Mean To “Pass” or “Fail” a Radon Test?

When it comes to radon testing, “passing” or “failing” results aren’t always completely clear. Because radon is not really safe at any level, you may receive a passing result and still have low levels of radon in your home. The EPA puts the action level for radon at 4 picocuries per liter. This means that you need to work with professionals to lower the level of radon in your home if a test comes back with a number 4 or above.

However, the World Health Organization recommends remediation if the radon level is more than 2.7 picocuries per liter. It’s important to be aware that a passing result could mean that the radon levels in your home are up to 3.9 picocuries per liter. Knowing exactly what the level of radon is in your home is essential, regardless of whether the test says you’ve passed or failed, so that you can take action to get rid of the issue.