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What to Check Before You Call an Electrician

Basic troubleshooting often solves electrical problems. Read these tips to see if you can fix the problem before spending time and money calling in an electrician.

If you just replaced a fuse, did you replace it with the same amperage? Make sure it is in tight and the fuse is good before calling.

Is the outlet in question a GFCI outlet? Test and reset the circuit in the breaker box. Sometimes a simple reset does the trick.

When replacing a light bulb, if the new bulb does not work, try it in another light fixture. It could be that the bulb is bad, not the whole fixture or circuit. If an outlet has suddenly stopped working, check the switches in the room to make sure none of them were switched accidentally.

Checking these before you call a professional can save you some cash—and some embarrassment—at the end of the day.