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Make the Most of Home Inspection

By November 25, 2020No Comments

A home inspection is a necessary part of the process of buying a new residence. It can benefit you in multiple ways and help you become a more informed buyer. Here is an important way you can make the most of a home inspection and how it helps you.

Join the Inspector

Some inspectors like to work alone for part of the time, and generally, inspections take two to four hours. Most inspectors will allow you to accompany them for part of that time. This lets you learn more about the house. The inspector will point out weaknesses and potential problems. This information can inform your buying decision as well as give you leverage for negotiating a lower purchase price.

Document the Process

Home inspectors usually take pictures or videos as they do their work. When you accompany them, do the same. Having your own photographs gives you further material to use for renegotiations.

Be proactive in every step of the buying process. Joining the home inspector teaches you about your potential new home.