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Make the Most of Your Home Inspection: Know When To Pick Your Battles (and When To Let Issues Go)

By November 27, 2020No Comments

Home inspection reports can serve as invaluable tools during the home buying negotiations process. It’s why an overwhelming 77% of potential buyers pay for inspections prior to closing the deal.

Depending on the extent of an issue, a buyer may request — or a seller may offer — a credit on the home. This means that the seller will lower the price so the buyers can make the repair themselves. Buyers may also request that the seller hire a contractor to fix the issue or permit the seller to let the issue be. While it’s okay to exercise your rights to contingencies when buying a home, you should know what battles are worth picking, and which you should let be.

If an inspection report reveals mold damage, a cracked foundation or faulty electrical wiring, by all means, ask the seller to fix the issue or offer a credit. However, if the laminate flooring is peeling and a few doors won’t shut, be reasonable. Minor issues may bother you, but there are plenty of other potential buyers out there who won’t blink an eye at them.