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No Sawhorse? No Problem.

By April 30, 2019No Comments

A sawhorse is a beam with four legs, usually used to support a piece of wood for sawing. A pair of sawhorses can be helpful in cutting wood, painting doors, and woodworking. If you don’t have the money or room for two sawhorses, or time to purchase two before beginning a project, try this clever alternative.

Guy Lautard, a machinist/metalworker workshop accessory supplier, says he uses two cardboard boxes as makeshift sawhorses. He gets two sturdy cardboard appliance boxes and cuts them to the height he needs for a project using a utility knife or boxcutter. Then, he sets them up like a pair of sawhorses to create a work space.

Cardboard box sawhorses are collapsible and easy to store. They don’t take up as much space as regular sawhorses. They’re lightweight, yet strong enough for many workshop-type tasks. They’ll hold items without wobbling or collapsing and fold flat in seconds.