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Quick and Easy Paint Touch-Ups Without a Brush

By April 29, 2019No Comments

Your child just slammed his chair into a freshly painted wall, leaving a large, noticeable mark in an otherwise stellar paint job. Do you break out the painter’s tape, paint roller, and lay down plastic sheeting to fix this little hiccup?

Instead of going to that much trouble, fix the problem with an old washcloth. Simply dip the end of the washcloth in the paint and lightly dab it onto the problem area. Your washcloth will likely have a texture very similar to a paint roller, so your patch job won’t be obvious.

When you use a large brush or roller to fix a small paint issue like a wall wound, you run the risk of creating a big noticeable swath on the wall that obviously indicates a damaged paint job underneath. On the other hand, using an old washcloth only takes a few minutes, leaves virtually no trace, and you can simply throw the old washcloth away once you’re finished.