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Powered Toilets? Yes!

By April 1, 2021September 25th, 2021No Comments
Powered Toilets? Yes!

When you think of necessary locations for electrical outlets in your home, you most likely include your kitchen in your home electrical and lighting plan, in order to power appliances. Likewise, you also probably think of the family room so you can have lights and power for appliances such as televisions and stereos. Bedrooms, also, require power outlets. You may also think of one outlet in the bathroom to power a hair dryer or other small appliance. However, you may want to install an outlet near the toilet.

Power at the Toilet

If you are interested in installing a toilet seat bidet, make life easy and install a power outlet nearby. There are many models of these washing wonders that replace standard toilet seats. Some offer remote control options and others even allow for variation in water temperatures. An outlet close by expands your options.