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Prevent Water Heater Backdrafting

By August 4, 2019No Comments

We all love our water heaters because without them we couldn’t enjoy a hot shower or the ease of clean dishes and clean clothes thanks to modern appliances. Water heaters are responsible for keeping hot water ready for our use. If your water heater uses gas, such as propane or natural gas, it will require venting. Properly working vents are important to keep the air in our homes safe.

It is important to regularly check your water heater for what is called backdrafting. Look for things like condensation, corrosion or moist warm air escaping from the draft hood. If the vent is experiencing back drafting it can bring dangerous gases like carbon monoxide into the home, so keep an eye on things. Using a CO2 detector is also a great way to monitor the surrounding air or you can have the water heater inspected.