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Repair and Replace Soffit

By August 31, 2019No Comments

If you’re going to need roof repairs, this is one of the better ones. Repairing or replacing the soffit under your eaves or the roof overhang is usually safer because you don’t have to be on the roof itself.

If you have areas in your soffit that have been water logged due to weather problems, it is a good idea to replace that area quickly. The water damaged areas can spread and that can cause further decay and rotting of the wood.

Animals can also be culprits when it comes to soffit damage. If a bird or other animal finds your eaves to be the perfect place to build their nest you can sustain damage that way, too.  If the problem is insects, such as hornets or bees, give an exterminator a call before you or your repairman climb up there.

While you are replacing the damaged soffit, it is a great time to consider replacing the wood with aluminum. You can say goodbye to rot and painting with the convenience of aluminum soffit and fascia.