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Restore Your Grout’s Shine

Your home may have been the biggest purchase you’ve ever made in your life, but that doesn’t mean that home maintenance needs to consume your every last dollar or waking minute. With a few easy home maintenace tips, you can keep your home in tip-top shape yourself and by spending just a few minutes of your time here and there. One thing you can do this afternoon is clean your grout.

Though “cleaning grout” is not high on the list of most homeowners’ to-do lists, you’d be surprised by the world of difference your efforts can make. Foot traffic, spills, muddied paws and other factors can significantly dull your grout lines. To bring them back to life, grab a toothbrush, some water and some vinegar. Mix the liquids, apply it to the grout lines and let sit for 10 minutes. Come back and gently scrub to reveal the original shine.