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Ten Tools You Need to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

By December 27, 2018No Comments

Painting your home’s exterior can give it a fresh new look and increase its property value. Even better, you can do the job inexpensively on your own. To achieve an exterior paint job that lasts, gather these ten tools:

  1. A multi-purpose five-in-one tool to help with removing obstructions, opening and closing paint cans, and cleaning paint from rollers.
  2. Ladder to reach the upper parts of your home.
  3. Drop cloths to protect your yard.
  4. Surface prep tools to clean the exterior and remove loose paint.
  5. Caulk gun to fill in holes in the walls.
  6. Extra buckets and cans to easily transport paint up ladders and prevent major spills.
  7. Roller screen and tray to clean excess paint from rollers.
  8. Paintbrushes that match your type of paint (natural brushes for oil-based, synthetic for latex).
  9. Paint rollers, with 9-inch rollers for shingles, stucco, or brick and 7-inch rollers for siding and narrow spacing.
  10. Paint sprayer suited for exterior use.

With these supplies, you’re ready to start your exterior paint project!