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The Top 5 Tips for Quickly Organizing Your Home

By February 2, 2020No Comments

If you have a busy life and a growing family, then home organization can seem like a pipe dream. Don’t despair; you don’t have to be Marie Kondo to get your house tidied up. Follow some small, sensible tips to help get your home organized in a day.

1. Let the Light In

Brighten up your home by casting away the shadows and filling the room with beautiful light. Invest in some lovely light fixtures to add character and an added touch of elegance to your room.

2. A Clean Room Is a Happy Room

Your parents’ advice to you as a toddler still stands today! Start by making your bed and arranging your pillows, then tidy up other clutter as you go. You’ll be amazed to notice that when your bed is freshly made, a messy bedroom surrounding it looks and feels less acceptable in contrast.

3. Get Things Off the Playroom Floor

It’s easy enough to keep things at floor-level when your children are smaller, but having things on the floor adds to the visual clutter on the floor. Invest in storage such as kid-height bookcases, and hide toys in canvas bin “drawers.” Elevate lesser-used toys on higher shelves to keep them out of kiddos’ reach.

4. Add Touches of Green

Humans were made to be outside, and you can pacify that natural instinct in a small way by bringing the natural world indoors. Some of the best ideas include house plants, bamboo or wood decor.

5. Don’t Let Your Nightstand Become a Drop Zone

Rather than let your end table by your bed become a black hole, get excess clutter off of it, and limit yourself to only three essential things. Clearing it off is oddly freeing!

Getting your house in order doesn’t have to be dramatic. Making small changes here and there can help to get you organized and live a more easily functioning life.